Monday, March 29, 2010

Urban Innocence - SOLD

This painting came about through a friend who is also a very gifted photographer during her stay in Paris.  Her name is Claudia Ward.  Her blog Open Window has some of her photography and some wonderful recipes as well.  Those culinary classes she took in Paris have obviously paid off as I have duplicated some of them myself - yum.

She was kind enough to allow me to render this very tender scene AND help me with the title as I was at a loss for this one.  I attempted to express, concrete vs softness, harshness of the city vs childlike sharing love, etc.  The title was important to me and magically appeared with a list of ideas from Claudia.  She suggested I choose the words she offered in an email.  Urban  and Innocence were 'exactly' what I wanted to convey with this painting.

Mille mercis again Claudia, I truly couldn't have done this without you.  Au revoir!


  1. You are more than welcome Barbara. I adore your painting. You convey the innocence of this child's gesture perfectly. Mille merci a vous!

  2. Great bold yellow. Love how you simplified the ground/background.

  3. I love the title you chose. I think it fits this beautiful painting perfectly. This little boy with his arm held out holding a stuffed animal tugs at my heart. Not only do I like the subject matter, but the composition and colors are nice.

    I looked at Claudia's blog and I love it! I will look more closely when time allows. Her photographs are so interesting and recipes are going to be fun to cook! :-)

  4. Barbara I absolutely love the painting!!!!!! You outdid yourself!!!! Although this painting is of a boy, it brings back very fond memories of someone when she was a child with her bunny! The yellow is outstanding!!!