Tuesday, April 10, 2012


A quick update on the status of where we're at at this point in our move from super dry desert to what I consider 'a slice of Heaven on Earth' - the beach.

I took two shots of my very small, but adorable studio and put one in of the beach cause who wouldn't want downsize for this?

Lots of life things still going on so will have to keep at it until it's done.  That's ok and I knew it going in.  In the meantime, organizing, trying to find things that I've literally lost twice and found again (yeah!), and so so much more.  Also trying with many successful attempts to meander to the beach.

My fav beaches are ones with mountains on one side and ocean on the other, like Kailua-Kona in HI and most of Cali's shores.  Newport, RI/Providence/Martha's Vineyard shores are great, but freezing.  So guess who wins...  This is one long beachfront where you can just keep walking and not have to turn around.

Thanking God with all my heart for our many blessings as I pinch myself daily.  What a dream!