"Beached", 6 x 6, oil on panel. SOLD

This loose little painting was rendered Plein Air on the beach. The plein air equipment was schlepped along on a cart that becomes a table.  The tires on this make it so much easier to get across the sand.  Took me sometime finding this perfect transport for hauling all the gear, food, drink, umbrella, chair, etc, but was well worth the effort.  The little back-pack holds a very small Open Box M pochade with brushes, paints etc. Easy to back-pack with walking or on a bicycle which I have done many times with this little one as well.  Also bought some really great zippered pouches from REI.  Love them!

I have another regular sized set-up that's larger.  James Coulter's system "Art Box and Panel".  Here's a link to the very first plein air painting I did with this set-up, "Side by Side".  It seems I bought mine around the same time  or right after Carol Marine and Jennifer McChristian did unbeknownst to me.  You can see them using it on the links James has set-up on his site.  That proved to be a confirmation that I did my homework and selected great equipment.  I personally think James put a lot of thought into this as it's pretty darn easy to set-up. 

I prefer standing when painting outdoors, but having the ability to hang out as long as I wanted sitting without having to leave for any reason other than nature - well what can I say, it was a very very good day!

"Side by Side", 5 x 7, oil on panel. SOLD

Third time out with the local plein air group here at Channel Islands/Ventura area and spotted this cute couple.  So I planted myself under a shade tree and took my time having a good time painting.

We've had some pretty gorgeous weather here last week and now heading into this week things are cooling off to their normal temps.  Husband took last week off and we headed to Santa Barbara to see the Botanical Gardens.  Wasn't exactly how we pictured it after seeing Austins, Galvestons amazing flora and fauna, we rather thought that's how it would be.  

Ended up looking all very natural outdoor, like hiking a wilderness trail of which we have done much.  Who knew?  

Best to see it in a much cooler climate though as when we left our little bubble of happy weather, SB's wasn't so much.  High 90's.  Phew!

Had a great time though.  Took it slow, but found we were literally exhausted from the high temp and we lived in the High Sierra desert for 12 years.  We have definitely acclimated!  Hope everyone is staying cool.  Me, I'm going to look at the boats in the water... so refreshing.

"Beach Cottage", 5 x 7, oil on panel. SOLD

This study was done on a beach where the RV's are lined up and happy to be anywhere near water.  The sounds of the waves while you sleep, the walks on the beach, the great seafood.  I scoped out an area that although there was traffic, I wasn't going to be in the direct line and wouldn't be in anyone's way.  The day started out with coffee, dropping a husband off, and tearing (carefully and with great glee) to the site I knew would be 'perfect'.  Dropping the tailgate of the truck and setting-up - no bending over (much) for me today, ha.  What a location!  From start to finish, the day was absolutely awesome.

"Red Rock Canyon, CA"
Donated to our local museum for fund raising!

Red Rock Canyon in Southern California was featured on Huell Howser's California Gold series.  Very interesting rock formations and color.

"Chimney Rock", 9 x 12, oil on linen. NFS

Chimney Rock is on the very top of Lamont Peak in Owens Peak Wilderness area.  I went with a very dear friend.  She brought her dog and although an artist herself, she just wanted to go hiking.  She also knew that I prefer not to talk while painting and was so respectful when she returned and waited until I was finished with this piece before starting up a conversation.  We went for another hike, love it, together after that and then ventured a little further with my truck until I could go no further and had to turn around.  Adventures are the spice of life, no doubt!

"Be a Good Rabbit", 5 x 7, oil on panel. SOLD

The story on this little gem is yet another adventure with my good friend Melissa.  Perhaps you remember her from the Open Studio pictures/2010.  She came to my rescue and really helped me out those two days.  Delightfully busy!

After spending some time not finding anything that attracted my brush, I accidentally almost tripped over my subject.  I do believe she was trying to get my attention all along.