Monday, October 27, 2014

"Beets" - SOLD

First, what can I say, I tried repeatedly to get the 'best' photo  regarding the color red as possible.  This was the most desirable of them all.  It will read differently on different monitors as well. My apologies.  Photo compliments of Food 52 and James Ransom, photographer.

Beets...  What a veggie.  I have always disliked them immensely.  That is until I found out what amazing little wonders they are.  My husband loves them so when he would eat them, I would eat one or two and that is how I develop a taste for something I dislike until 'voila', I like them.  And lookout - I found yellow!  What??!!!  Loving veggies as I do, I was quite astonished that I didn't know they existed.

Whole Foods serves them in their buffet area - yay.  Yummy sweet delectable yellow beets.  Every time I bite into one in my salad they cry out with individuality.  There's so much goodness, I thought I'd share some of the info regarding this little powerhouse with a link here.  I hope you give them a go a little at a time if you don't like them and hope that you too, develop a taste for the little wonders.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

'Living Waters'

Buy it at AndolsekArt on Etsy!

The inspiration for this abstract was created while sitting in front of my sister-in-laws lily pond.  A little stream of trickling water into the pond itself, with dragon flies, flowers galore, lilies, gentle breezes, reflections...  You almost become comatose sitting there.