A few Collector Comments & Visuals on Commissioned Works
...both from Life and Photographs

"The Mayflower Shop at Christmas"

 The Mayflower Shop, in Chatham, MA on Cape Cod, was owned by my father for 50 years. My sisters and I learned addition and subtraction by running the cash register in the store when we were so young we had to stand on a box to reach the register. The old manual registers didn't tell you how much change to give a customer, we had to do the calculation and do it right. We learned early on the concept of profit. This little country store, that was open 365 days a year, including Christmas (because Mom's and Dad's always needed to get batteries for those Christmas toys) was an anchor to the far end of Main Street selling trinkets for the tourists in the summer, but also, magazines, newspapers, gifts, Hallmark cards, office supplies, cigarettes, candy, and, of course, batteries. For years, before cell phones, there was also a Western Union sub-station for sending and receiving telegrams. It was a simple, unassuming store with creaky wooden floors, that is now but a memory. Thanks for capturing this moment in time for my father's widow, who is the one shoveling in the picture.


... Kim Salyer, Thinking Out Loud blog, Myrtle Beach:
If you'd like to see Boone's pal, scroll below to have a visit with Bear.  These guys are sooooo cute.

"Leaps of Joy"

This piece is commissioned by Jenny Maginnes whom I have had the great pleasure of painting for a few years ago.  She also graciously allowed me the courtesy of using a photo I loved the minute I saw it, even named it straightaway, of the girls fishing, "Fisher Girls".

Jenny tells me she was able to  quickly capture this shot of the girls leaping off of the lifeguard stand which apparently is unique to their North Carolina beach and it became an integral part of the painting.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time to capture this rare mid-air shot.  Remarkable!

"Baby's Day Out in Pink"

... Brian Missey:
"It's beautiful"

"Little Girl Moments"

... Jenny Pimmages, Wilmington, NC:

"You are awesome! It's amazing how spot on the girls are... I feel like we are walking down Aunt Nancy's driveway when I look at it! Thanks for capturing this moment in time for our family!"


... Kim Salyer, Thinking Out Loud blog, Myrtle Beach:
"Oh Barbara! I love it! This is exactly what I wanted. My husband Shea will love it. I swear that you created what I had in my mind exactly. Thank you so much, this will always mean so much to us. SO excited! Thank you again." 

"Sisters in Paris"

... Claudia Ward, Open Window blog:
"Barbara, You did a wonderful job with painting "Sisters in Paris". Claudia told me I would cry, and that I did.  Thank you so much for painting it."

Claudia's Little Sister, Sally

"Binding Relationship"

... Judie Foust, owner of Espresso Café, CA:

"I just got home from a long day at the cafe and am now in tears (happy ones) because I just saw your amazing work of art!! Love it!!! Can't wait to see it in person, but can already see that you totally captured Emma and Fifteen-cents beyond belief! I was expecting that the painting would look similar to them...wasn't expecting such absoluteness!!"


... Mary Ross, NY:
Painted from family photos.  If all goes well, "Seascape" , a large commission ,is on it's way to Mary sometime today.

This is "Millie in the Snow".  Millie was adopted by Mary & Co. and is the luckiest girl in the world to have found such a great home.  Here she is frolicking in the snow...  ya think she's happy?