Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Flip Flops - SOLD

So regarding flip flops, I literally wear them all year round, well sometimes I do need warm fuzzy slippers in our Cali winters, but most of the time these work.  Have them on right now.

I also wanted to share a super great tool below for cleaning brushes.  They're really for make-up brushes, but when I stumbled upon them I knew they'd be great for my oil brushes.  I have at times (my bad) been guilty (cause in a hurry) of cleaning an oil brush with my cleaning liquid in the palm of my hand.  Now I absolutely know NOT to do this, but we all get sloppy at times.  So when I found this, I was like, oh yeah I had to have it (think TV commercial).  Works really great!  

I put the link to Target below.  They don't sell it in the store so I ordered online and picked it up.  With that said, there are apparently lots of different models out there after a google search, but the options of different size nubs on this one as well as a better way to hold it, sold me on it.  Hope everyone has an accomplished day today, ta!