Monday, January 18, 2010

Fields of Green

It's been awhile to say the least, but with the holidays and every other sort of thing happening like having to buy a new refrigerator AND washer at the same time, catching nasty colds, buying a car, etc, etc; it's good to be back blogging.

I've also had an extreme loss of my precious Dax kitty passing on.  My eyes are just starting to come back from being slits and very swollen from grieving as this just happened a few days ago.  He was a big part of our life.  It's been difficult coming into the studio where he was my constant companion and muse of sorts.  Loved that guy, but we had a long run of about 17-18 years and as Dr. Suess said, "Don't cry because it's over.  Smile because it happened."  I'm working on the best part of the memories now, although sometimes I let my thoughts wander a bit too far and have another go at a cry.  We had a very mushy lovey relationship.  He came when I whistled kicking his legs up and almost dancing to me, I think he thought he was a dog at times.  Lots of people got a great kick out of that.

This recent painting is called "Fields of Green".  I don't have to keep knocking them out as I don't feel I have to paint everyday.  I have already been there and done that years ago.  It was a great learning experience though and I still cherish it.  Now however, I am more relaxed and thoughtful of what it is I personally want to go after.  A fertile landscape of green - just the thing to ponder, springtime.