Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Side by Side, plein air - SOLD

Third time out with the local plein air group here at Channel Islands/Ventura area and spotted this cute couple.  So I planted myself under a shade tree and took my time having a good time painting.

We've had some pretty gorgeous weather here last week and now heading into this week things are cooling off to their normal temps.  Husband took last week off and we headed to Santa Barbara to see the Botanical Gardens.  Wasn't exactly how we pictured it after seeing Austin and Galveston's amazing flora and fauna, we rather thought that's how it would be.  

Ended up looking all very natural outdoor, like hiking a wilderness trail of which we have done much.  Who knew?  

Best to see it in a much cooler climate though as when we left our little bubble of happy weather, SB's wasn't so much.  High 90's.  Phew!

Had a great time though.  Took it slow, but found we were literally exhausted from the high temp and we lived in the High Sierra desert for 12 years.  We have definitely acclimated!  Hope everyone is staying cool.  Me, I'm going to look at the boats in the water... so refreshing.