Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ladybug - SOLD

This little gem would look great in a child's room.  Ladybug's are just so cool right.  Who doesn't love them...  Even squeamish little girls aren't afraid of them, but let them crawl around without a second thought.  

They're like little jewels.  Plus they keep my roses looking really beautiful.

However, I had to wonder why on earth I kept thinking that I 'had' to paint one.  I keep seeing ladybugs everywhere.  When on the beach with my honey, we saw a little boy flying a ladybug kite, I received some junk mail, yup ladybugs on it, etc etc.  Whenever this happens, I don't fight it.  I do believe that each painting has a person it's created for so I just go with it.  I'm always glad I did.