Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some Open Studio Photos from weekend

The weather was absolutely perfect, everyone was really relaxed.  Some were first timers and couldn't believe how much fun they were having.  All in all - this was the best open studio ever.  Much thanks to my great husband Tim who kept my friend Bonnie (who was awesome and a great help), and I very happy with very flavorful food, music and a helping hand.  A great time was had by all.  I really wished I had been able to get some photos of Susan, Melissa, Leslie, Rachel (aka gorgeous Italian who has modeled for me in the past), Kim, Astride, Pat, Ruth, Bev and Ron and of course Bonnie.  Most are on Facebook if you are curious, go check those fabulous gals out!

Collectors enjoying the artwork and each other.  Girls just want to have fun!  From left to right: Barbara, Marin, Beverly, and Andy.

Entrance to courtyard.

View from one side of displays.

Dana loving the artwork with her husband, don't ya just love her tee? Hm-m-m, chocolate...

Another display view.

View showing double doored studio entrance towards back.

Decisions, decisions...

Still so much more to catch up on, but the intoxicating smell of oils will soon be screaming for attention so I'd better get to some of the 'have to do it' tasks on my list... Enjoy!