Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Summer Picnic - SOLD

This scene may be out of season, but I guess I'm anxious for a yummy picnic.  Don't you think all food just tastes better outside?

This little picnic setting was taken from a notecard I did in pen & ink.  Palette knife only from start to finish.  I've worked with just a palette knife on and off and enjoy it each and everytime.  Loose renderings are definitley my favorite as the years go by.  Full of life, movement and texture. 

Most of the time however, I use both brush and knife.  A particular moment watching a Richard Schmid DVD comes to mind.  He had just finished making a stroke with a palette knife and I said outloud 'delicious' and to my great surprise, so did he.  Yup, this painting business is good stuff.