Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Funbrellas - SOLD

I cannot even tell you how long I've had these little umbrellas - oh wait, yes I can.  They came from our first trip to Hawaii.  I don't save every little thing, but I did bring them back cause they are just plain fun.  The little red one was injured and does not stay open, alas!  But the blue one was sitting pretty in this little aperitif/vodka shot glass which I love to use for single flowers that I gather from anyplace, anywhere, anytime.  I love live flowers.  Flowers from a garden are just different from hothouse flowers.  Even roses that are hybrid (you know the ones you get for Valentine's Day) have lost their magnificent smell.  Not the one's that are, shall we say, homegrown.  Yup, Spring is in the air and I am so there!