Friday, December 30, 2011

A lovely visit...

I follow Southern Fried French blog and received my delivery when Lynn posted this morning in my email.  Titled: Life’s Little Lessons, in French and in Chocolate...

Wonderful words spoken in some French/English.  I'll present you the great pleasure of heading there yourself by clicking on her blog name above where I attached a link so that you may read more about her adventures of Americans who live in France.  Btw, I always appreciate chocolate truffles with abandon. (You will understand this statement when you read her post).

In the meantime, one of the things I frequent is to read a good quote.  Loved quotes even when a young teenager.  Such wisdom in a few words.

Now I really liked the first quote I listed below regarding art.  Of course, being an artist myself that would seem natural.  However, when perusing the rest of Lynn's quotes, the blue one below was a favorite.  So much so, I have it on my blog now.  Thanks Lynn!

* Art, it is the reflection that returns to the human soul the dazzling splendor of the beautiful.   Victor Hugo

* One is amazed too much with what one sees rarely, and not enough with what one sees every day. Madame de Genlis 

Wasn't that grand!  And so I leave you with a favorite scripture - 'Beloved I wish above all that you prosper & be in health, even as your soul prospers'  and a wish for all a Happy New Year!