Monday, July 22, 2013

Persimmons - SOLD

I had to check out the 'how to' with this particular fruit and so I thought I'd pass it along.  We love trying new flavors, especially exotic ones.  Hawaii was an outstanding adventure in this regard.

'Hachiya Persimmon'. Hachiya are longer and more "peach-shaped." They need to be eaten when very soft. Best eaten chilled, or scooped out with a spoon, these are the best for cooking.

'Fuyu Persimmons' (or Jiro or sharon fruit) are short and firm. They're crisp and sweet and the skin can be eaten or peeled. They are great in fruit salads or baked in coffee cake. These tomato-like persimmons are the better variety for eating fresh.

Fruit Info:
1. Select a ripe persimmon. This is the only time the persimmon should be eaten; before this stage, the fruit will be very bitter. 2. Wash the persimmon. Do this very gently, using a basic vegetable washing liquid you usually use to clean veggies. You might like to rest it in a colander and let a gentle flow of water flow over it briefly. 3. Cut off the leaves. Using a sharp knife cut off the top (leaves). 4. Then, you can simply slice the persimmon in the same manner that you would prepare a tomato.

You can peel if wished but the skin is edible. Peeling is usually used for cooking – peel by immersing in hot water briefly as with a tomato or peach, and then removing and peeling.

Cut the persimmon into any shape you desire for serving. Use the flesh. The persimmon can be consumed fresh or it can be cooked. Persimmons can be cooked as a jam, marmalade, compote, or also be used in salads. It makes a delicious sorbet.  Enjoy!