Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hearst Castle - SOLD

My husband and I took a camping trip along Cali's Rt. 1 awhile back.  We were intent on relaxing our way up the coast, no worries as they say.  We happened upon Hearst Castle and found that there were four choices of tours.  We started with the one they recommend first, hoping that someday down the road, we would complete them all.
A remarkable estate with wild herds of animals freely meandering about.  You park your car and take a shuttle up to the castle, 'what a view'.  A huge herd of animals went prancing by and we all laughed and giggled like the kids we were.  A very memorable trip indeed and really looking forward to the next one.  I heard that some plein air group received permission to paint there.  Even though I wasn't able to actually paint there, but at least I got some good shots.  
This is my third painting - the other two sold.  Enjoy their tour with a link to their site if interested Hearst Castle.