Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fishing Pier - SOLD

My husband and I took a trip a couple of years ago when we had our MB Cruiser (a great Sprinter RV, skinny enough to go anywhere) up the coast on Rt. 1.  We hit Monterey Bay, Big Sur, saw just one tour of the Hearst Castle estate (awesome) and just stopped at some great campsites checked everything out, ate great food, and had an all together wonderful time.  We love camping.  We sold it awhile ago, but I took lots of photos as I'm certain everyone would, especially artist folk.  This one is from a pier in Monterey Bay.  I was going to call it the Love Shack from the song which is happy-go-lucky and fit the whole idea here, but well I didn't think some people would get it so I chickened out.  I love the texture and looseness of this work allowing some of the underpainting to show through, especially in the sky.