Saturday, October 23, 2010

Open Studio 2010 - A few shots of event

Melissa.  Friend, assistant, awesome nurse.  I'm one of her biggest fans.  She's the best!!!  It was a great day.  Looking forward to more of the same tomorrow...  ps- honest, we both wore jeans and black shirt, but it wasn't planned.  Great minds think alike.

Having a good time with friends...  Leslie's in the middle, a great person if ever there was, but I am prejudiced.  Another Barbara to the left, I finally met another Barbara and then, no kidding, two more as well.

Serious contemplation...  aren't they cute! And yes, they did decide on a favorite painting.

 My husband Tim made Melissa and I lunch and wow, was it ever amazing, tasty, full of flavor and wine as well...  oh yeah, this is good stuff.

Susan, dear Susan (in red).  A friend and art collector.  A docent for the Petroglyph tours via our local museum, an owner of horses and other four legged creatures.  Blessed to know her.


This is Julie, she's been trying to hide, but it's a no go...  She brought the homemade from-scratch Grandma apple spice cake made from her own pears (great substitute) to surprise me.  This picture is a bit red and bleached out, but don't care.  I think I ate the whole thing! Not really, people were pushing me out of the way to get to it!  Yipes and double yipes!!!